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25 June 2008
Meggitt to build on G650 success at Farnborough 08
Meggitt will be using Farnborough 08 to further build on its success in the growing executive jet marketplace, buoyed by news that it has just clinched major deals on Gulfstream Aerospace’s new G650 jet.

Several Meggitt group companies have been selected to provide key components for the aircraft and its Rolls-Royce BR725 engines. They include Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems, Dunlop Equipment, Whittaker Controls and Vibro-Meter.

Capable of travelling 7,000 nautical miles, the G650 will offer the longest range of any business jet and, with a maximum operating speed of Mach 0.925, be the fastest civil aircraft flying.

To help ensure Gulfstream meets this range and speed, Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems is developing new lightweight aluminium main wheels and compact carbon brakes that will be optimised for the minimum weight and flight envelope.

The multi-million dollar award is Meggitt’s biggest ever wheels and brakes contract in the business aviation marketplace.

Whittaker Controls will provide Gulfstream with the G650’s PTU shut-off valve and the ground suction shut-off valve, while Dunlop Equipment and Vibro-Meter are both working with Rolls-Royce on the new BR725 engines that will power the aircraft.

Dunlop Equipment has been awarded an engine pneumatics valve package estimated to be worth about £60 million in revenue over the life of the programme, and Vibro-Meter has a deal worth approximately £15 million to provide the BR725 sensors and ignition package.

The Vibro-Meter deal comprises an engine set of around 35 parts covering sensors for air, oil and fuel temperature, shaft speed, oil and fuel pressure, fuel flow and oil debris monitoring and the engine’s ignition system.

“As global demand for business jets has increased, Meggitt has been able to successfully compete and win orders on most new aircraft that are being developed. This puts the company very much at the heart of the sector,” said Meggitt’s chief executive, Terry Twigger.

“Our companies are designing and manufacturing world-beating technologies and we have recently won supplier awards from Embraer and Gulfstream for our commitment to quality and service.”

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